It's time


It's time ..

i think it's always important to know when things need to be done, have to be done or have to end. we don't always know when it's time for any of those things because we are distracted by too many other things.

in photography, timing is very important on many levels. we are trained to click the shutter in the most timely fashion to get the best expression.

we also know when the best times in the day to go outdoors and capture the most beautiful and optimal light ... sunrise or sunset,the golden hours.

we also have to be aware of how much time we expend either with camera or the computer because, as business people, we know that time is money. in addition, we have to watch the calendar so that we can time our marketing and get the best results for holiday and occasion photoshoot offerings.

as clients there are times when we know it's time to get a new family portrait. it might be for a special occasion such as a birth, anniversary, graduation. many families have those who will grumble and groan and try to avoid this process. usually not an easy experience for those not comfortable in front of the camera. but, it's these same people that will one day be so grateful for that day, and those memories, and those faces in the photo.

as pet owners who love their pets as the members of the family that they truly are, it's always time to include them in our memories. and the one thing you can always count on with pets in the studio is, they will always let you know when it's time to end the session and go home!


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