be prepared

i had the privilege of covering a pet first aid workshop this past weekend. i never quite know what to expect when i'm photographing this type of event but i knew that i had to be prepared to make a lot of on-the-fly decisions to make sure i did a good job. this one was especially important, to me, because it was also a fundraiser for the redondo beach police department k9 team. i know these teams and have photographed them on more than one occasion and i'm so impressed with each and every one of them ... human and canine alike.

so, this workshop was so informative and thought provoking that i feel i want to share some of what i learned with you. one of the takeaway lessons was that as pet owners, it is our responsibility to care for all the needs of our beloved pets. sure, we get that we have to feed them, give them water, take them for walks and make sure they have regular checkups with their vets, and, give them lots of love and treats. but ...

what if your dog was choking on an object, or got into something poisonous, got bitten by a snake or a spider or got hit by a car, attacked by another dog or had a seizure. do you know where your nearest 24-hour veterinary hospital is located and do you have their phone number immediately accessible? do you know how to improvise a muzzle so you don't get bitten by an animal that is scared or in pain? do you know how many chest compressions are needed to bring a life back from the brink or how to give cpr to an animal? so much to learn, all very easy to learn and all very crucial to know.

in all of the above cases, there are clear and defined steps you can take when you have the knowledge and training that will help you give aid to your pet until they can be transported and seen by a medical professional. if we can be prepared for these scenarios, then we have taken the next steps to being more responsible pet parents.

and, thank you to our police officers ... ever ready and ever prepared to serve and protect.


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