just play


we all have lots of things on our to-do list every day, every week, every month. we mostly get them done. then move on to the next list of things that have to be accomplished. and, we feel good when we get things done. there's one thing that i don't make enough time for.  i think i'm going to have to pay more attention to that lack and do something about it: to just play.

i want to make time to put the to-do lists aside for a bit each day, and spend some time with sam and hope outside. and, just play. it's so easy to forget that this is so good for their well-being.  the bonding that happens is fully realized. that's awesome. 

sam is not what one would call a happy-faced dog, although i'm sure he's quite happy being the center of my universe, but i call him eeyore sometimes because he can be quite droopy.  but not when we're outside and he's running and chasing a ball, or chasing hope, or both. he's almost eight years old . during playtime he looks like he's still a puppy: flapping ears. big silly grin. prancing like a little deer. don't tell him i said that!

hope, on the other hand, can play all day long and does. in the house, in the yard, out on walks. her energy is boundless and she's always ready to play.

although i can't bounce and play like i used to, i do have fun doing these activities. but, i also like to play with my camera and i made time to just play this past week when i set up my gear in the living room and just played. my favorite models were there to play with me and we got some great images, right here at home in the living room. 

i'm thinking i should try to set aside some time each week for playtime. for me, for sam and for hope. the to-do lists can wait.