party time

riannon and popeye-6333.jpg

it's almost always party time. birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, super bowl, oscar night, baby shower, engagement ... the list goes on and the reasons are endless. 

we love getting together with our friends and family in a relaxed and enjoyable setting, leaving our cares at the door and eating, drinking and being merry. 

and that's just what i got to do this past weekend when i attended a birthday party for a fabulous eight year old named popeye.

popeye is no ordinary eight year old, he is a beautiful dog with a bouncy spirit and a family that adores him. so much so that the family backyard was turned into a magical land of unicorns, filled with doggy friends, human friends and family. every detail of this party was a labor of love from the decorations, the human and pet treats, the games, cake (again, one for popeye and his friends and one for us humans) and the theme appropriate music and piñata filled with goodies for everyone. 

this party time was exceptional in the love that was so evident between this dog's family and the love shared between all the others guests and their dogs. 

i would highly recommend that this type of party be added to anyone's list of reasons to gather for celebration, keeping in mind that food and treat choices are critical for the safety and well being of your canine guests. always check with their family to find out about any allergies they might have. keep people food away from them and be aware of any decorations that can cause a safety hazard around playful and energetic dogs such as candles, barbecues or glass items. also, provide a quiet space for the dogs that they may retreat to if the excitement becomes too much for them. don't force interaction with either humans or animals if a pet is not comfortable. and, of course, make sure that all doors and gates are secured. 

and, then, it's party time!