about heroes


so here are my thoughts for today. 

i am grateful for, inspired and awed by those that spend every day working to make this a better world. those that advocate for children, for the sick, for the homeless and for the animals. so, this post is about heroes.

i am a very small part of the work that goes on in the world of animal rescue and honored to do so. what i do doesn't come close to those that leave the comfort of their homes on a regular basis and go out into the dark, into unfamiliar and sometimes dangerous places to save  animals  that are lost or injured, abandoned or neglected and bring them to safety and a return to wellness. these heroes sometimes spend days, weeks or months trying to find one dog they know is suffering, alone and scared and needs a chance to survive. these selfless heroes  get cold, and dirty and frustrated and sometimes even bitten, yet they go on. they don't give up.

once the task of recovery is completed, they make sure the animal gets food, water, medical attention and a warm bed to sleep in until they can find them a home. none of this comes easy or cheaply. the investment is great. they invest their time, their resources, their well-being and their loving hearts. they clean up the messes that others leave behind and they do so with selflessness and caring and they claim victory  when a scared, filthy, matted and smelly pup is safely in their vehicle, and, in spite of pain, fear, injury, that pup wags their tail as if  to say thank you. 

it takes a very special kind of person to work this kind of job for a tail wag. it takes a hero. and i am so proud of those that do this work. and i thank them. and i encourage anyone that loves animals to find some way to support your local rescue group and be a part of something that makes a difference. you, too, can be a hero. by donating, by volunteering, by fostering, even by sharing posts on social media to advocate for animals and against cruelty towards them. 

so, again, here's to the heroes! and, thank you!