no pressure


i don't know if any other bloggers feel pressure to produce interesting and readable content on a regular basis, but i do know that i do. which is kind of amazing when you think about it because i didn't even have a blog until a few months ago when i thought i'd try the whole concept out as a personal experiment.

from the very first post i have always been of the mind that i have no idea what i'm doing or creating and it seems to be very true because i don't actually have stellar statistics around readers or subscribers. almost non-existant at this point. 

which brings me to the whole no pressure thing. if there's really no audience waiting on every pearl of wisdom or photographic gem, wouldn't that, in fact, take all the pressure off?

i have tried to talk about my experiences and share my insights around the world of dogs, and animal rescue and pet photography and let people know more about who i am and why i do what i love.  it's very simple because i love what i do and i love the dogs i photograph and i love the families that love them. i love the events i get to be a part of and i love the look on someone's face when they hold a fabulous photo of their family in their hands and i love the memories we create around the whole doggy parent/famly thing.

and then, there are those amazing opportunities when i get to meet people who are exceptional and accomplished and, dare i say, well known with celebrity status in the world i travel in. talk about pressure! and, then, talk about the great sense of relief when i show them their images and they love them.

and, just like that, i have created another entry and the pressure is off for another week or two.