in service


as humans, we have many ways to serve others. it is an honorable thing to do. by being of service we show a loving and giving part of ourselves while we bring support, love, or aid to another.

dogs by their very nature bring love and support to us just by being the companions they have evolved to be. ask any pet owner how it feels to come home to a wagging tail and lots of puppy kisses at the end of the day and how that unconditional and excited love makes everything okay. dogs ask nothing more than to be near their person ... and, food, water, walks, treats and belly rubs ... to be happy. 

there are other dogs, however, that bring service to another level. these dogs have very specific jobs and abilities that are used to protect, alert, support, locate or comfort. they are selected carefully and trained extensively in their particular expertise. from herding livestock to alerting an oncoming seizure, sniffing out explosives to finding someone lost in rubble, comforting the sick in hospital to catching bad guys, and assisting the disabled to live a quality life,  these dogs are the very definition of 'in service' ...

i was fortunate to have the opportunity to be the photographer for an event for @caninecompanionsforindependence this past weekend and got to see these beautiful dogs at work with their families. from those that take them on from puppies for their initial training, to the families they ultimately serve, it's all about love, support and aid.

even more reason to love dogs ... as if we needed any more.