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peanut gets her own special brew!      

peanut gets her own special brew!



it's no surprise to anyone that i am a dog person. i am especially in love with my own dogs, sam and hope, but i easily fall in like with almost every dog i encounter. and, i encounter a whole lot of dogs on a daily basis. 

so this weekend was like so many others for me. an adoption event with rescue groups and vendors of every kind and food trucks and dogs and their owners, but  this one was a bit different. at least from my perspective. there was  an air of togetherness and cooperation and support among the various groups. several rescues under one roof with their adoptable dogs and their volunteers. they were sharing the same goals,  sharing the space and sharing stories about their dogs and their  organizations.. these were dog folk. the energy was so positive and i know for certain that new bonds of friendship were formed among them. and that will serve the dog community at large even more. 

the people that came out in the rain to support this event, a fundraiser for k911resq were treated to a really great time! this one was dedicated to a dog named peanut and she was the pup of the hour. this was her adoption party. her coming out. her debutante ball. the venue, cosmic brewery,  in torrance, is the perfect place for events like this and it does them often. they are also dog folk. they support these groups and  the dogs in their care.  it's hard not to come away from an event like this and not feel like you were with friends.

and i get to be there. i get to meet every dog. i get to meet the dedicated people who make these events happen. i get to meet every person that wants a photo with their dog. i get to meet every vendor and every volunteer. i get to feel so lucky that i get to do all of that. i get to be a part of the group ... dog folk.

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