trust issues


to trust is to rely on, be confident of, believe in, count on and to have faith in something or someone.

from our earliest days as babies, we count on our parents for our very existence. trust is innate and unless and until we have reason not to, we have complete faith that we will be taken care of and loved until we are old enough and capable enough of providing for ourselves.

my dogs, sam and hope, they can wake up each day completely certain that the first thing i will do in the morning is reach for their food dishes and fill them will fresh food and water. they can rely on having a soft bed, or couch or chair or anywhere they want to be, to lay on and lots of toys to play with. they will never be made to sleep outdoors in the cold or rain or dark alone and they will never be unsafe in the world. they have had no reason to believe otherwise since i rescued them as puppies, so i think they possess a sense of trust.

which brings me to another kind of trust. this trust is a fiduciary instrument will outlines and defines one's desires and wishes to be carried out by others after they have passed away. not an easy topic but, bear with me. 

 sadly, way too many pets  are left homeless and alone in the world with no one to take care of them because their humans have gotten too ill, or too old or they've passed away, and the surviving family members either can't or won't take on their care.  many of them wind up in shelter environments at a time when their world has been turned upside down. 

do you know where your beloved pet would go or who would continue to care for them should something happen to you? wouldn't the time to think about that be now, while all is well and you have the time to give it some thought and execute a plan?

take some time to assign a guardian and make provisions for their financial support for their lifetime.  i know it's given me a great deal of comfort to have this in place for sam and hope ... they trust me.